As you would expect the clinicians and managers of Middlewood have been working over the last few days to create a robust plan of how we can continue to manage our practices in the middle of these challenging times.  

Covid-19 (coronavirus) creates a challenge quite unlike anything which the World, NHS and General Practice has had to deal with before.  In order to work safely and effectively over the next few weeks and months it is essential we change the way we work.  Significant and robust plans are out best defence. 

The changes we have made over the last year do allow us to do much of this in a way which hopefully won’t be too dissimilar to the way we work normally. 

Central to this is trying to be able to assess who needs to be seen in person in the most appropriate place and trying to deal with everyone who doesn’t have to be seen either on the phone, on-line and in time with video consultations.  By doing this we will reduce our risk of transmission of the virus significantly.  

If you do need to be seen and in order to avoid risk of transmission we are suggesting that people with respiratory symptoms (like asthma/COPD or tonsillitis) which we don’t think are directly related to Covid-19 are seen in one place and everyone else is seen in another.  At present that site will be the Chestnuts Surgery (McIlvride) in Chester Road in Poynton.  The patients who are normally seen there will be seen in the Priorslegh base unless there is a respiratory reason for seeing them. 

Everyone who is going to be seen in person will be spoken to on the phone first and instructions given of where to go.  Please do not go to any site without contacting us first as you will not be seen.  The appropriate triage of patients is vital to keep staff and other patients safe. 

This does not mean that if you think you have covid-19 you should do any different than is being widely advised in the national communications:

•    If you have a cough or fever over 37.8 you should self-isolate for a week and undertake normal self-care.  You do not need to phone 111 or ourselves.  You do not need a sick note.  
•    If you have these symptoms and are getting worse, you should phone 111
•    If you have these symptoms and are acutely unwell and think you may need to attend hospital immediately you should phone 999.  

Please monitor the national advice regularly here:

It is important to note that in general practice we cannot treat Covid-19, we cannot test for Covid-19 and at present all the management of the virus is being co-ordinated by NHS 111 and not your GP.  If you contact us, we WILL ask you to follow national guidance and phone 111.

We therefore ask for your cooperation by doing the following:

1.    Please contact the practice by askmygp if possible and if not by phone
2.    DO NOT come into the practice to make an appointment
3.    Understand that almost all contacts with you will be via the telephone or computer
4.    Take note of where we are asking you to be seen if we do ask you to come to the surgery – it may not be your regular practice but we will be clear of where you need to go.  
5.    Please only contact the surgery if you feel it is important.  If you have a longstanding problem and it isn’t necessary to contact us about it at the moment, please consider whether you could delay it until we are at a less critical time. 

The next few months will be challenging, and we will need to adapt our operating procedures on a weekly if not daily basis.  This website will be our main way of communicating with you, more information will be posted on the Coronavirus updates page, as it becomes available.  Please bookmark it and monitor it regularly.  We will also endeavour to keep it up to date with national advice and give other resources which you may find helpful.  



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