What is a Care Model?

Put simply a care model is the way which the GP Surgery meets the needs of their patient.  It can be as simple as the traditional model of a patient booking into a surgery through reception or more complex.

With the increasing demands needing to be met in Primary Care, new ways of providing care have been developed to allow greater access.  We hope to be in the forefront of this to allow the best service to our patients.  

Can't we just do it the way we always have?

Primary Care has struggled to cope with the increasing demands of meeting the expectations of our patients.  We are finding that people are needing to wait longer to see doctors and nurses than we like and there is a fear that continuity will suffer.

New models of care such as ours will provide a more responsive service and allow patients to see the clinician they want to in the quickest time possible whilst avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor.  

What If I have Questions or Comments?

We hope that you do!  Building the perfect way of doing things is a two way process and more feedback we have from our patients the better chance we have of making the best system we can.  

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What is our Proposal?

We have spent a long time longing in great detail at the demand we face and have produced a solution which we feel we greatly improved the experience of both our patients and indeed our staff.  Look at the video below to understand more:

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