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It has taken a long time to get to where we are now.  In the past GP Practices traditionally worked in isolation providing high quality care to their practice populations.  Even if there were two practices within a town, like in Poynton, the two practices used to work separately and rarely communicated to find a way to provide better healthcare to the population as a whole.  This system generally has worked well for many years but with the increased stresses of recent years on the system, in particular with the ageing population, it has become essential that communities are developed within towns and areas to be better coordinated.

The practices in Bollington, Disley and Poynton realised that this was the case more 5 years ago and we have spent the last few years trying to work together.  

We have seen a number of successes along the way but also have struggled to make real progress for a number of different reasons.  

We came to the conclusion that the best way to provide the care we feel our population deserve will be to come together formally in a merger.  

The individual sites will remain and will continue to have their own identity but will operate under the organisation of Middlewood

The merger is fully endorsed by all the Partners of the practices. 

By Merging we can maximise the skills we have on offer and minimise some of the risks.  

We have already seen the benefits of working very closely together with some projects over the last year, in particular as working together as part of the Bollington, Disley and Poynton Primary Care Home.  We are hugely excited about the potential of providing a new level of care as a merged organisations.  

The practices will continue to have their own identities which have be forged over many decades and patients can continue to chose where they will be treated.  There are no plans to close any of the sites.   


The plan is the new GP Partnership to be formed in April 2019.  

As with all mergers there is a lot of technical work to be undertaken.

Patients can be guaranteed that whilst there will be a lot of work going on behind the scenes, all the practices will continue to function as normal with no disruption.  

Frequently Asked Questions

It's quite possible that you will have questions about the practice merger.  We have tried to think of many of these below in our FAQ section.  If you have further questions please get in touch with staff at your practice.  

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